Two Bottlenecks Need Breakthrough In The Application Of CFRP

- May 11, 2017-

We can see in many publicity materials, carbon fiber after high-temperature graphite treatment, under the conditions of hypoxia, can withstand thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature, but the real civil carbon fiber products, how to withstand temperature performance? We often see carbon fiber used in fishing rods, golf rackets, car bumpers, sports car tail and so on, but why rarely see the high temperature field to apply carbon fiber products, after all, carbon fiber products, high strength, light weight, durable and durable, is a very ideal material ah. But the reality is always so, you can see the peak of the infinite scenery at the same time, will let you know the road to the mountain thorns everywhere! According to the philosophical point of view, is every new thing, has his two sides, carbon fiber as the next generation of material King, is no exception. Domestic upstream carbon fiber raw material production line has been basically formed, the downstream carbon fiber products can be applied technology is difficult, now in the industry before the eyes of the two major application bottlenecks.

Carbon fiber is fine silk, want to let him make the finished product with enough strength, convenient transportation and late molding, we must make it into carbon fiber cloth, the common is carbon fiber prepreg. When the carbon fiber into the prepreg, adding some glue and epoxy resin, but precisely these are the resin and other auxiliary materials restricting the carbon fiber products of high temperature resistance, because of the temperature, auxiliary materials before the carbon fiber to reach the ignition point is also very dangerous, and at present no process can be in the molding process, the resin to remove all, can only be to choose a more scientific method, as far as possible to draw the resin, retaining carbon fiber, hot-pressing pot molding is one of the more sophisticated technology

In particular, now people's aesthetic standards greatly improved, designers on the surface of the product requirements are very high, want to carry on the surface of the products spray oil, silk screen and other processes, which brings a new problem, spray oil, silk screen material ability to the degree of high temperature? Obviously, at all can not withstand high temperature, not to say thousands of degrees Celsius, two hundred or three hundred degrees of smoke or melt, and to the one, "Fish and Bear's paw can not be" embarrassed situation, want to beautiful and high temperature, it has to spend a lot of trouble.

Above mentioned the first application bottleneck, here we look at the second application bottleneck: processing complex parts. At present, the molding process of carbon fiber products has a molding method, hand paste lamination method, vacuum bag hot pressing method, winding molding method, squeeze-pulling molding methods. For the complex small parts, because to want to precision, the use of the process will not reach a very high strength, to achieve high strength, the process will be more complex, small parts to do the cost is very high. Many complex parts used to make metal or plastic materials, because the raw material is liquid, can be cast-type, process is more mature, and do fast and good. The carbon fiber prepreg is cloth, the molding process is different, and in this field, many process steps are by hand to operate, sophisticated complex parts, no way to achieve precision, costly to achieve the ideal effect, so at present, many with buckle, interface, such as micro-structure parts, are not used carbon fiber material.

For the above two major application technology bottlenecks, related enterprises are actively R & D and testing, the current progress is very good, has preliminarily solved the carbon fiber materials and a plastic finished product in hot-pressing in the connection when the original component damage deformation, I believe that in the near future, this technology will be applied to the production of complex components. In the process of stepping through these two limitations, we will accumulate enough experience to make high-intensity, high-temperature, and beautiful high-end products, when the application of carbon fibers will be more broadly, carbon fiber era really come.

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