New Carbon Fiber Technology To Create Metal Substitute Composites

- May 11, 2017-

Lehvoss North America (hereinafter referred to as Lehvoss) company recently announced that a new generation of carbon fiber reinforced PA composites has been successful. The material called Luvocom SCF is expected to become an ideal substitute for metallic materials.

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the emergence of new materials, consumers have put forward higher requirements for product performance. Influenced by its, those high-performance, low-cost new materials listed on the market has been pursued.

To better cater to the market's growing demand for lightweight rigid materials, Lehvoss company launched its Luvocom SCF carbon fibre composites production line.

"There are many composites in the market that can not achieve the complete unification of strength rigidity and toughness." Usually the two are often reversed. However, our company new carbon fiber patented technology breakthrough This production bottleneck, the traditional injection molding engineering plastics performance to a higher stage, so that the composites become stronger and lighter. "The company's business manager, John Vermeulen, said."

According to the Lehvoss aspect, the tensile strength of the new composite material of Luvocom SCF is 50% higher than the traditional carbon fiber reinforced polymer, and its rigidity and impact resistance are nearly 15 and 90% higher than the traditional material.

"The quality of this material is lighter than any such volume of metal or glass-reinforced polymers." Thanks to its lightweight quality, the mechanical properties of LuvocomSCF are greatly improved. In addition, the composites also have good friction properties. Vermeulen added.

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