Domestic Carbon Fiber Accelerated Breakthrough Downstream Application Field Wide

- May 11, 2017-

China's carbon fiber development has undergone more than 30 years of long history, especially in the last more than 10 years, through the introduction of digestion and independent research and development, China's carbon fiber industry has grown very fast. Recently, China T800 carbon fiber production to break the foreign monopoly, the production cost to the international price of One-third of the news, marking China's carbon fiber made great achievements.

In recent years, the national policy continued to guide the healthy development of carbon fiber industry, the Ministry of Petrochemical and Chemical Industry development Planning (2016-2020) to accelerate the development of high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials, focusing on the high-strength carbon fiber low-cost, continuous stability, large-scale production technology, accelerate high-strength medium-strength

Because of its excellent performance as "Black gold", carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, automotive, wind turbine blades, sports and leisure fields. According to the forward-looking analysis of China's carbon fiber industry in-depth research and Investment report, 2015, the global demand for carbon fiber 74,000 tons, carbon fiber composite market of $29 billion, the global demand for carbon fiber 2020 is expected to reach 130,000 tons.

Domestic market 2015 carbon fiber demand for 17,000 tons, of which more than 80%% rely on imports, prospective database expected 2020 domestic carbon fiber demand will reach 29,000 tons, import substitution demand urgently.

At present, the large-scale industrial production of domestic carbon fiber has become a reality. The whole process key technology of industrialization production in the T300 grade carbon fiber, has basically realized the domestic breakthrough, has formed the high independent intellectual property right carbon fiber industrialization complete Set technology, the product already partly replaces the import.

Domestic carbon fiber has been able to meet the initial needs. The research and development of high-end carbon fiber products and its composites conforms to the demand of national defense technology industry, can continuously improve the level of national defense industry autonomy, it is an important indicator to measure the development level of carbon fiber industries. At present, the domestic carbon fiber has been used in launch vehicles, satellites, large aircraft and fighter planes and other high-end equipment to be applied validation.

The country attaches great importance to the development of new materials industry, the end of last year just set up a "national new material Industry Development leadership Group", and the new materials industry as "Thirteen-Five" strategic new industry planning, the main part of the material industries ushered in an important historical development opportunities, carbon fiber is expected to usher in rapid development

With the continuous guidance of the policy, capital injection, domestic carbon fiber industry to greet the inflection point, the future development of the period. I believe in the near future, in the carbon fiber industry, China's technology and foreign advanced countries between the gap will become smaller.

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