‘Carbon Fiber Heat’ Takes You Into The ‘carbon Age’

- May 11, 2017-

Automobiles, aviation, light rail, armaments are flocking to the pursuit of carbon fiber. "Carbon fiber heat" has prairie ablaze, why this material has so much charm?

Carbon fibers are not purely carbon elements, but a mixture of carbon-bonded reinforcement using epoxy resin after weaving. "Velvet glove", light weight in aluminum, strength above steel, corrosion resistance, high modulus, non-oxidation environment to withstand ultra-high temperature, X-ray transmittance good ... A series of advantages are enough to attract people's eyeballs.

Lightweight becomes a trend, carbon fiber "hot"
First, say lightweight. It is almost impossible to get a breakthrough in a mature technology. The improvement of the automobile in the engine is very limited, the thorough subversion is difficult to achieve. So how to make the car realize the low fuel consumption under the premise of guaranteeing its mechanical properties? Lightweight will emerge.

Carbon fibre composites perfectly cater to lightweight needs. "Lightweight" to achieve weight reduction, "high-strength" to ensure the original mechanical properties.

Earlier, BMW's large sales in Japan using sophisticated materials of EV (pure electric vehicles) "i3", the slogan is "carbon fiber electric." For a charge, the driving distance of a slightly shorter EV, lightweight is particularly important. It is reported that the vehicle weight per reduction 10%, fuel consumption can reduce 6, emissions can reduce 5-6%,0-100km/h acceleration can improve 8, braking distance to shorten 2-7m.

September 16, 2016, Lamborghini officially announced in Tokyo, Japan, will be with Mitsubishi's chemical company's Mitsubishi Li Yang R & D carbon fiber materials related technology. Currently, Lamborghini can only produce 5 pairs of chassis every day, and such capacity will not meet the new SUV--Lamborghini Urus model that will be put into production 2018. Therefore, the main purpose of this cooperation is to jointly optimize and develop the production of carbon fiber body shell and parts of interior panels.

Carbon fiber electric vehicle single hand carry
2016 National Science Day activities, a folding carbon fiber electric car, attracted a lot of eyeballs. The car body concise, the wheels are very small, a little bigger than the table tennis racket, the whole car is less than 15 kilograms, adults with a hand almost can lift up!

SpaceX on Mars, 2 billion purchases of Toray carbon fiber
Recent news said that in order to mount mankind's long-awaited Mars, Space exploration technology company SpaceX plans to invest billions of billion dollars to buy new carbon fiber composites.

SpaceX and Toray (TORAY) signed a contract worth $2 billion to $3 billion to buy Toray's carbon fibre composites. It is speculated that these new materials may be used for SpaceX Mars carriers. On the Falcon 9th, SpaceX used the traditional aluminium-lithium alloy instead of carbon fibers. If carbon fibers are used, the load of the rocket is expected to increase substantially.

At the same time, Toray has launched a carbon fiber expansion plan. By 2030, Toray will adhere to more than 50% of the market share, and consider the construction of 2500-5000 tons of capacity in Mexico in the year factory (LT type).

China carbon fiber technology that has been late and severely sluggish
The western countries began to develop carbon fibers decades ago, when they saw carbon fibers as strategic goods, embargoes, bans on China, and no transfer of technology. The real development of China's carbon fiber is starting in recent years, can only be said to be just started, capacity can not be converted into production, which also leads to high prices.

For example, the cost of T700 grade carbon fibers in Japan's Toray is comparable to the cost of the domestic T300 level. The contradiction and backwardness behind the total latent unlimited market, with the high performance carbon fiber market center to the transfer of Asia, China's carbon fiber industry prospects for a period.

"Carbon age" is coming, are you ready?
"Users will care about the automotive materials are aluminum, steel or carbon fiber?" "The answer is clearly in front of us, users will not be concerned about." Price, performance, fuel consumption is the focus of the content. When the performance and fuel consumption are controlled, the price becomes inevitable. Carbon fiber material is expected to be the mainstream of future automotive materials, and its drawbacks that is the cost is too high, small parts prices are maintained at tens of millions of dollars. The first application of carbon fibers is in aerospace, in the automotive aspect also concentrated on high-end vehicles. At present, although the domestic carbon fiber technology progress, but most still rely on imports. How to convert production capacity into production, reduce costs to universal acceptable range, is the direction of carbon fiber enterprises joint efforts.

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