Fiberglass Rods

- May 11, 2017-

Glass fiber Rod is a kind of pultruded FRP composite material, is made of continuous glass fiber roving and resin in pulling molding machine under the traction of the thermosetting elastic materials; the surface of the resin layer has a good anti-corrosion, it has a light quality, high strength, good elasticity, dimensional stability and precision, at the same time with insulation, non-thermal conductivity, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance and other excellent characteristics, so in corrosive environment engineering is replacing steel and other materials the best products, and a wide range of applications: fiber optic cable strengthening core, Sports equipment products, flagpole, hood pole, tent rod, grain crane rod, curtain rod, logo pole, fan column, car antenna, construction, bridge reinforcement, mechanical transmission shaft, golf clubs, courtyard fence, kite skeleton, aluminum film balloon skeleton, umbrella skeleton, stent blanket skeleton, model skeleton, luggage skeleton, fishing gear fittings, etc., its specifications are: diameter 0.6mm----50mm (commonly used specifications), special specifications can be based on the demand of guests open production.

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