Application of high strength fiberglass

- May 11, 2017-

The strength of high-strength glass fibers is higher than the strength of e-glass fibers 30%~40%, high modulus of elasticity 16%~20%. In the early stage of product development, only plain cloth and merchandise yarn 2 categories, later developed a high-strength/carbon fiber, high-strength/quartz fiber blended weaving, as well as high-strength yarn weaving of imitation woven sleeve, multi-axis fabrics, three-dimensional fabrics and other products. Compared with carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high-strength glass fiber has obvious advantages of cost-effective, has been widely used in defense industry, aviation, ships, high-pressure vessels, chemical pipelines and petroleum industrial equipment and other fields.

In the application of defense industry: the use of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics made of missile wing and Shell fuze and other main parts and components a total of more than more than 70 kinds, the actual combat effect is good. At the same time, China has also developed several rocket engine shells, heat and insulation effect is very good, to ensure the normal operation of the engine. In addition, the FRP helmet made of high-strength glass fibers can reach more than 90%% of the bullet-proof rate, which receives widespread admiration from the military industry.

Applications in aviation industry: the use of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics can be made into helicopter blades and aircraft tyres. The use of high-strength fiberglass cloth and roving can make aircraft landing gear and radar cover and other parts.

Applications in the shipbuilding industry: spiral pulp blades made of high-strength fiberglass reinforced nylon, which can be used for 8.5m lifeboats and 50t refrigerated vessels. The diameter of the composite spiral pulp blade is 1 600mm, the use of duplex injection molding, high strength, good rigidity, strong corrosion resistance, accurate geometric shape of products, good reproducibility, high surface finish, can reduce the main shaft wear of the mainframe, can improve the efficiency of pulp leaf, speed has improved, fuel consumption and vibration performance has greatly improved.

Application in high-pressure containers: high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics can make 2.3L, 4.0L, 4.4L, 8.0L, 15L, 20L and 40L, such as a total of 7 specifications of air cylinders. These cylinders have excellent characteristics such as high pressure resistance, light quality and good performance stability, and the maximum pressure can reach 125~170kg/cm2. With high-strength fiberglass roving, dry winding molding, re-impregnated resin, its high pressure vessel, high pressure strength, good rigidity, blasting pressure to reach 600kg/cm2 above, after fatigue test burst pressure can reach 620~680kg/cm2, after full pressure (pressure for 250kg) storage for half a year, then cheer to 600kg/cm2 also not blasting.

Applications in the petroleum industry: oil deep wells with high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics. The detector consists of a 3.9m long solid fiberglass rod, a 1.1m long hollow glass steel pipe and 3 sets of test devices. It can quickly determine the various technical parameters of deep wells. The use of the detector environment is bad, need to be in the depth of 7000m underground work, temperature up to 200 ℃, this requires the detector high temperature performance, but also have a high pressure, tensile strength and good electrical insulation performance.

In the Chemical industry application: The use of high-strength glass powder reinforced PTFE, the production of mechanical seals, can greatly improve the wear resistance of sealing components.

In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy and the continuous improvement of technology level, the application of high-strength glass fiber will be more and more broad, market prospects are widely optimistic!

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