Analysis on processing technology of carbon fiberboard

- May 11, 2017-

Carbon fibre plates are fabricated composites with carbon fibers and resins. It has been adhering to the carbon fiber weight light, mild high and corrosion resistance characteristics.

Carbon fibreboard is mainly used in UAV model, X-ray grille and other high-strength structural parts with obvious weight loss effect. Its density is only 1.5g/cm^3, the steel is 1/5, and the strength is 7-10 times the same cross-section steel. General carbon fiber sheet after a whole molding, due to the precision requirements or assembly needs, often required cutting process.

Traditional machining methods include car, milling, grinding, drilling and so on, currently basically follow the traditional metal cutting processing technology and equipment, with a simple processing method, mature technology, less equipment inputs and so on, but at the same time there are fast tool wear, processing precision is difficult to guarantee, processing efficiency is low, the process of producing harmful powder chips and other shortcomings.

Carbon fiber strength, but brittle, mechanical processing, if the force is too small to use, force too big words will burst, more troublesome. To solve the above problems, the most important starting from the cutter. In cutting process parameters, cutting depth of the same conditions, using different materials, sizes, shapes of knives, carbon fiber materials to cut, see how the effect, repeated tests, control variables, find the most suitable tool. The factors such as the strength, time and ambient temperature of cutting tool can also affect the result of machining.

In the drilling of carbon fiber composites, the knife must be sharp, cutting parameters at least 2000r/min above, but also not too high, preferably using 4000-6000r/min speed.

In some of the qualifications not very high carbon fiber manufacturers, many will encounter the mechanical cutting of carbon fiber composite materials in various situations:

1. The material is layered, block caving, tearing, the most serious situation is the entire processing parts scrap.

2. Tool wear fast, if the use of blunt cutter processing, more easily caused damage to the embryo, while in finishing, the cutter shape and size changes, will affect the shape and size of the product. In addition, the cutter wear can cause the instability of the hole and slot size for the knife with the diameter size.

3. The use of cutter is not accurate enough, the life is short, the durability is low, the processing cost of the product is greatly improved, and the quality is not guaranteed to stabilize and the processing cost.

The effect of cutting technology on the properties of carbon fiber composites is the most important content in the research of carbon fiber composites machining technology, and the research in this field is still in the initial stage, and many work remains to be done. At present, the two processing methods of carbon fiber composites are mainly the traditional machining and special processing.

Special processing methods include laser processing, waterjet cutting, EDM, ultrasonic machining and electrochemical processing, in the processing precision, processing complex surface has a greater development potential, is still in the research stage. At present, the traditional machining method is still the main means of composite material processing.

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