Infrared Non touch Temperature Detector

Infrared Non touch Temperature Detector

The product uses 3V power supply and please use alkaline battery.
This product is only used for body temperature monitoring and self-testing, not for diagnosis of diseases.
Please follow the doctor’s advice for medical treatment.

Product Details

Product Property

Precision: Measurement deviation≤± 0.2℃。

Rapid: Measurement duration: 1 second

Easy: One-button measurement, easy operation

Contact-free: Forehead measurement without contact with human skin,

Fever alarm: avoid cross-infection

Free setting of fever alarm temperature

Service times: Button pressing of 100,000 times

Large-screen display: Large LCD white backlight display, clear night reading

Data storage: Storage of 30 pieces of measurement datafor analysis and comparison

Setting modifification: Setting parameters can be modifified

Temperature Switch: Switch between body temperature measurement and object temperature measurement

Use Method

Correct use is the key for measurement accuracy and wrong use will cause measurement error. With consideration of high requirement of infrared for surrounding environment, please follow the instructions as follows:

1.Press measurement button to turn it on. After the full display of 1 second with the display of “-℃”, the thermometer enters the standby status (standby time is10 seconds and the machine is turned offff automatically 10 seconds later.) User may press the measurement button for temperature measurement in standby status and measurement will take about 1 second.

2.User should point the product at the right center of forehead - the area above middle of eyebrows and maintain the vertical status of product. No hair blocking is allowed in measurement area. Distance between the product and the forehead is 3cm-5cm as recommended.

Warm tips:

if the measured area (forehead) cannot be guaranteed to remain in the constant environment, it is suggested to choose body part not exposed in the air (such as chest or abdomen).

3.When measured person comes from a place where there is a big difffference with the environment temperature, he/she should stay in the measurement environment for at least 5 minutes, and measurement can only start until environment temperature is consistent. Otherwise, the result will be affffected.

4.If a fever patient has sweating on the forehead and adopts cold compresses and other temperature reduction measures, the result of body temperature measurement will be lower. Try not to measure body temperature under such circumstances.

5.Please place the product in the service environment for 30 minutes before use if the product is taken out from the environment with huge temperature difffference from measurement environment.

6.Please ensure the stable environment around the measured person. No temperature measurement should be done in fan and air - conditioning outlets and other areas with large airflflow.

7.Do not use the product in direct sunlight.

8.It is suggested to measure three times and the data of largest number shall prevail.

9.Please choose “body temperature” mode while measuring forehead temperature and please choose “object temperature” mode while measuring temperature of other objects, liquids and food, etc.


- Follow the maintenance recommendations in this manual.

- The product is applicable to professional purpose or family purpose.

- Please keep the product out of reach of children.

- Environment temperature of product use is between 15 ℃ and 35 ℃.

- Product must be kept clean in a dry place.

- Do not place the electronic thermometer where there is an electric shock.

- Do not place the electronic thermometer in the place with extreme temperature: above 50 ℃ or lower than -20 ℃.

- Do not place the electronic thermometer in the place with humidity above 95%.

- Do not expose infrared probe in sunlight or water. - Do not drop the product.

- Do not repair the product in case of any problem and please contact the dealer.

- Do not use the product in the place with electromagnetic interference.

- Please dispose of the waste and residue at the end of the service life of the product according to local laws and regulations

Battery Installation and Maintenance

Use two AAA alkaline batteries and please pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes in installation.

1.The product uses two AA alkaline batteries and service life in theory is 20,000 times. When the battery symbol “” appears and flflashes on the screen, the battery has insufficient power and user needs to replace the battery. 2.Open the battery cover to replace batteries and pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes.

3.If the product is idle for a long time, user is suggested to take out the batteries to avoid battery leakage and product damage.

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