Roll-wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube With 3k Twill Weave

Roll-wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube With 3k Twill Weave

Roll-wrapped carbon fiber tube with 3k twill weave Product Description * Pultrusion carbon fiber products: Our factory provide pultrusion carbon fiber products and 3k carbon fiber products. * 3k carbon fiber products: Payment&Shipping Packing: standard export carton or customized Shipping:by...

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Roll-wrapped carbon fiber tube with 3k twill weave

Product Description

Custom 3K Carbon Fiber Tubes, Wholesale CF TubesCustom 3K Carbon Fiber Tubes, Wholesale CF Tubes



* Pultrusion carbon fiber products:Our factory provide pultrusion carbon fiber products and 3k carbon fiber products. 



* 3k carbon fiber products:






Packing: standard export carton or customized

Shipping:by sea,by air or by train





Our Services

CF/CFRP( carbon fiber) Engineer Capacities

When you need something done right, you need engineers who can do the design and modeling necessary to prove out your product on paper before manufacuturing anything. Here at Juli teams  ,we employ actual engineers, not only people with a passion for carbon composites. We know getting the engineering right is often everything in these cases.


Can my metal part be made out of carbon fiber?  Will it be strong or stiff enough?  What is the best way to make a carbon fiber part?

These are just some examples of questions our team of engineers answer daily.juli team specializes in design carbon products and Manufacturering carbon parts  for a variety of needs, from consumer products and sporting goods to robotic equipment and industrial applications.  Whether it is a carbon fiber tube, a plate, or a complex shaped part, our team of carbon fiber products engineers are make your good idea come true .



Need to see your creation come to life?

We help you give your creation form and function, no matter how far down the path to completion you are. Some people walk in with a composite design, and we just have to create it.  Others have little more than an idea.

We cater to all kinds here, with pleasure.

We offer prototyping services using our existing process methods.  Or, when the need arises, we will develop a new process altogether to meet your needs and requirements.

Existing composite process methods include:

  • Roll Wrapping
  • pultrusion
  • Bladder Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Other proprietary processes




Company Information

Dongguan Juli FRP Products Co., Ltd. is an leading producer of FRP products in China, manufacturing quality fiber-reinforced polymer/plastic (FRP) products, through pultrusion, pullwinding and roll-wrapping processses. The company founder Mr. Chen and his R&D team, with their profound expertise and extensive experience, enjoy a high reputation in the circle.
    Our products covers a wide range of formations, including pultruded GFRP (Glass-fiber-reinforced polymer), CFRP (Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) and KFRP (Kevlar-fiber-reinforced polymer) rods, tubes, strips, complex profiles as well as pullwound and roll-wrapped tubes all in wide varieties of dimensions. Extensive combinations of different reinforcements including glass fiber, carbon fiber as well as fiberglass-carbonfiber hybrid and resin matrixes such as polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy and polyurethane are available. These products are extensively applicated to construction, sports, electronics, medical equipment, model toys, etc.
    Our edge in the FRP composites industry is achieved through consistency in quality, reduced costs in material conversion, advanced machinery as well as proprietary processses of pultrusion, pullwinding and roll-wrapping. And located in the southeast of Dongguan city, our factory is only 48 kilometers from Shenzhen Hualian Airport and barely more than 50 kilometers from Shenzhen Yantian Port.    
     Developing market-oriented composite products, promoting the development of the FRP industry,  are  the mission and value of  the Dongguang Juli FRP Products Co., Ltd.



Mission : Being professional ,Make composite Products stronger !

Purpose : Moving Customers , Moving staffs , Moving friends  !

Vision :  To be a  Leading Company In our field , Reliable for customers And loved by employees !


Welcome to wholesale our roll-wrapped carbon fiber tube with 3k twill weave. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, we will offer you the best quality products and excellent service. For more info, contact our factory now.
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