Carbon Fiber Squid Like High Strength Spearfishng Tubes

Carbon Fiber Squid Like High Strength Spearfishng Tubes

Squid shape carbon fiber spearguns tubes Specification: Performance for carbon fiber products Carbon fiber known as its high tensile strength,light weight ,low density,corrosion widely used aviation model plane ,light axis with stents, PC equipment,etching machine,medical equipment...

Product Details

Squid shape carbon fiber spearguns tubes




Performance for  carbon fiber products

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  Carbon fiber known as its high tensile strength,light weight ,low density,corrosion widely used aviation model plane ,light axis with stents, PC equipment,etching machine,medical equipment ,sports equipment ,and other mechanical equipment.


• Light Weight - Less Density - 20% Of Steel

• High Strength and light weight

• High Corrosion Resistance

• Superior Dimensional Stability

• Wide Temperature Range Use

• Consistent Cross Section

• Lasting Performance

• Excellent Structural Properties

• Environmentally Safe

• Dimensional Stability

• Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic

• Ease Of Fabrication & Installation



This carbon fiber tube/barrel is the main parts of the speargun.

Barrel Application

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Packing: standard export carton or customized

Shipping:by sea,by air or by train




Company Information

Dongguan Juli FRP Products Co., Ltd. is an leading producer of FRP products in China, manufacturing quality fiber-reinforced polymer/plastic (FRP) products, through pultrusion, pullwinding and roll-wrapping processses. The company founder Mr. Chen and his R&D team, with their profound expertise and extensive experience, enjoy a high reputation in the circle.
    Our products covers a wide range of formations, including pultruded GFRP (Glass-fiber-reinforced polymer), CFRP (Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) and KFRP (Kevlar-fiber-reinforced polymer) rods, tubes, strips, complex profiles as well as pullwound and roll-wrapped tubes all in wide varieties of dimensions. Extensive combinations of different reinforcements including glass fiber, carbon fiber as well as fiberglass-carbonfiber hybrid and resin matrixes such as polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy and polyurethane are available. These products are extensively applicated to construction, sports, electronics, medical equipment, model toys, etc.
    Our edge in the FRP composites industry is achieved through consistency in quality, reduced costs in material conversion, advanced machinery as well as proprietary processses of pultrusion, pullwinding and roll-wrapping. And located in the southeast of Dongguan city, our factory is only 48 kilometers from Shenzhen Hualian Airport and barely more than 50 kilometers from Shenzhen Yantian Port.    
     Developing market-oriented composite products, promoting the development of the FRP industry,  are  the mission and value of  the Dongguang Juli FRP Products Co., Ltd.



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